Little Leopard Bootie

I grew up watching reruns of Roseanne and The Nanny, which I think may be partially to blame for my love of mom jeans and tight tops. Fran Fine: what a fashion icon. If there’s one thing I admired most about that woman, it was the way she wore a leopard mini skirt. So, when I saw animal print scattered on my Instagram explorer page my tacky little heart skipped a beat. 

Enter: The Cassandra Lace-up Boot 

I saw these beauties while shopping online at Bohme, one of my new favorite boutique style stores. They’re cute, comfy, and affordable, but what I love most about these boots is how easy they are to style. Animal print is back and all over the runway recently, but I think it can be intimidating to actually incorporate it into your everyday look. 

I threw on my favorite pair of mom jeans, a black ribbed turtleneck  underneath my favorite camel coat and I was out the door. The boots did all the talking with this outfit, but I didn’t feel like they were wearing me. If you’re looking for a fun way to work this revitalized trend into your wardrobe, I’d definitely suggest these booties. Go and get you a pair girl; make Fran proud. 

Photography by Cara O’Neal 

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