David’s Bridal: An Update

Happy Wednesday everyone! Awhile back, I posted a blog documenting my David’s Bridal experience. You can go check it out here if you want the full rundown but I thought I’d give a little update sense I picked up my dress!

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was nervous because I wasn’t properly measured when I ordered the gown. I didn’t even think about it until I had already paid and I was on my way home. Just to be safe, I brought my mom and two of my sisters with me to pick it up. I wanted to try on the dress before leaving the store to make sure I was 100% happy with it. Now I know everyone typically needs alterations made to their wedding gown, but I didn’t want to spend anymore money than I already had and alterations can be pricey.

I was super excited and nervous when I got to my David’s Bridal location. I’m happy to say that my experience was drastically different than the first go around. The store was much less crowded and I was assisted right away. I was led to a dressing room and was in my gown within 10 minutes. You guys: it fit! I was mostly anxious about the length because they sold the dress to me in a size 4 petite. For reference, I’m 5’3 and 125 pounds and I typically don’t shop in the petite section. However, I was so surprised and thrilled that the length was perfect; so perfect I doubt I’ll need the length adjusted at all. It was a bit loose in the waist and chest but that is easily tailored.

The sales associate was super sweet and let me twirl around in a my dress and take photos with my sisters. My sweet niece came with us and she had a blast looking at all the beautiful dresses. They were more than tolerant with her, letting her peak into open dressing rooms and run in between the gowns hanging up. Basically, the experience was wonderful.

I was nervous they would pressure me to get alterations done there because I’d heard from other people that supposedly, that’s were David’s Bridal makes a large amount of profit. There was no pressuring at all – my sales associate mentioned alterations and talked me through the process of how it would work with them if I chose that route, but that was it. I didn’t feel hounded or pressured at all.

Overall, I’d say my David’s Bridal experience was great. It is a large company, so it will be different than going to a small bridal boutique. However, my sales associates were kind – even when the store was crazy. When we brought my little niece, they were sweet and allowed her to have fun with us, which I truly appreciate. Clearly, the sales associate who sold me my dress had enough knowledge to pick the correct size. I don’t believe she got lucky as she did bring out the tailor that day, they just never measured me. I’m a worrier, so I think that was just one thing I hyper focused on. Everything turned out just fine and I came out of this David’s Bridal journey with a gorgeous dress I’ll cherish forever.

I am so tempted to share my gown with you all but I want it to be a surprise on the big day. I do have a photo of my second favorite dress, so here’s a little snap shot and a link to the gown if you’re in the market for a dress! Y’all, it has pockets.

If you stuck around this long, thanks for reading! I hope this helped you if you’re currently on the hunt for your dream wedding dress. If not, I hope it was at least an entertaining read. I’ll be posting more about the wedding planning experience, so I hope you stick around!

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