We Took our Engagement Photos at our Favorite Brewery

Hi Friends! The big day is fast approaching so I thought I’d start sharing more about my engagement and wedding planning process. I’d say so far my favorite experience has been taking our engagement photos. We chose to have them taken at a local brewery, and I am so happy we did! I think it can be easy to overthink decisions when wedding planning, especially engagement photos. There can be pressure to impress family and friends or feelings of anxiousness about having the “perfect” photos. Sense I’ve already gone through the process, here’s a few tips I learned from my experience. It’s also just another excuse to share them!

In regards to attire, you don’t necessarily need to buy something new. Wear what makes you feel the most beautiful and comfortable. I would avoid buying something out of your comfort zone or trying a new hairstyle – that’s just a recipe for disaster. When you look back on the photos, the only emotions you should feel are the happiness and love you shared together as a couple. Easier said then done – but try not to stress! Stay true to yourself and each other and the photos will turn out wonderful.

I wore a pair of my favorite camel colored knee high boots, a wrap dress, and my over-sized black hat. I almost didn’t bring the hat but I am so happy I did! I where the hat all the time but wasn’t sure about having it in my photos. The great thing about an accessory like my hat is that you can easily take it off and set it aside. Nick wore a maroon colored sweater and dark jeans and think that we looked pretty sharp!

I think when choosing a location, make sure it’s a place that’s special to you! My fiancé Nick and I decided to have our engagement photos taken at our favorite local brewery – Vanish. Nick is somewhat of a beer connoisseur (he likes to think he is anyway) and we both enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. I’d say it’s more like a small park that happens to serve amazing beer. With multiple food trucks and live music, it’s a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Vanish welcomes the whole family – even the furry, four legged members. It’s just a great place where we’ve shared wonderful memories together, so it just felt right. My soon-to-be sister in law is a photographer, so she kindly gifted us our session! If you’re interested, check Cara out on Instagram ( @caraoneal ), she’s incredible!

Typically, most couples will find a photographer to do both their engagement shoot as well as covering the wedding day. However, we felt like having Cara take our photos just made it extra special and I’m so grateful she offered. We want Cara to enjoy the wedding, so her only duties will be as a bridesmaid! We found an amazing photographer via a reference from a close friend, so I’m confident in her work. If you’re not sure where to start searching for a photographer, I’d suggest going to friends for references. Instagram and websites like Wedding Wire and The Knot are also great resources.

When you’re scoping out potential engagement shoot locations, I’d keep in mind the whole entire space and the areas you can go to take photos. The thing I loved about Vanish was the amount of awesome spots to take photos that varied from each other. We were able to shoot in the lower fields with lots of greenery and trees, but the actual brewery has these incredible mural walls that added such a fun feel. Essentially, we got two styles of photos from one location.

I hope you guys enjoyed these photos as much as I did. If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading and stopping by! If you’re planning your engagement shoot leave a comment, I’d love to hear all about it!

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