DIY Donut Board

My sister got married in May of this year at my family home in Waterford, VA. It was a beautiful backyard wedding filled with love, laughter, and plenty of Pinterest DYI projects. My absolute favorite was the donut board I made for the dessert table. The project was simple and easy but really tied the whole wedding together. It served as both a decorative focal piece in the tent and a clever way to serve the donuts.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Peg board
  • Dowels
  • wooden trim
  • Hot glue gun
  • large clamps
  • fake flowers
  • small chalk sign
  • chalk marker
  • hammer

You can purchase your supplies at any hardware and craft store you prefer (I went to Home Depot and Michaels). I did have a little help from my Dad (thanks Pops!) who swung by the hardware store for me. You can have them cut the board in any size you’d like.

I chose a white peg board with white wooden trim. At the time I wasn’t sure how large I wanted the board to be, so I brought home two sizes but ended up going with the larger of the two boards. I cut my trim and glued that down with my hot glue gun, using the the clamps to keep the trim flat and tight against the board until the glue dried.

After my trim was finished, I went to work laying out where my chalk sign would go and how many pegs I needed. Just a side note: this project basically turned into me skimming a few DIY blogs and winging the rest. I didn’t follow anything exact, but in the end I was able to fit 41 donuts on the board. Before I hammered my dowels in, I glued my chalk sign and fake flowers down.

I chose a cute donut related pun (also stolen from Pinterest) for the sign and used a chalk paint marker for the lettering. I’d suggest lightly writing your verbiage using a pencil first. The chalk paint does come off with water but it’s a real pain to get the sign completely clean. I laid out my flowers were I wanted them, then went back with my handy dandy glue gun to secure them.

After my sign and flowers were up, I hammered in the wooden dowels. They were a pretty tight fit so I decided against gluing them in. The end result was exactly what I’d hoped for! To tie the whole theme together, my sister had her baker create a donut wedding cake and it was absolutely adorable.

I hope you’re inspired to try this DIY project out for yourself! It’s super customizable and would be perfect for a bridal shower, birthday, or any event you need to add a little sweetness to.

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