Masks & Doc Martens

You guys, what a year. I’m sure everyone is feeling like 2020 has really thrown us for a loop. I took a break from my blog to process some personal family issues as well as the global pandemic we’re all currently facing. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. As the world is slowly opening up and getting use to our new normal, I thought it was time to get back to doing what I love. Yes, there are so many more important issues than fall fashion or my new boots, but I think taking time for yourself to do something that makes you happy is important, too.

My sweet sister-in-law and I masked up and took my new doc martens for a stroll in downtown Leesburg. The fall weather was perfect, and seeing happy faces (even masked ones) was a welcome change. People coming together to stay safe during this time of crisis gives me hope we’ll be back to music festivals and packed restaurants soon. But until then, we enjoyed the walk-up cafe windows, outdoor seating and strolls through old town.

I’ve been wanting a pair of Doc Martens for years, and I finally invested in the Leona Platform Boot. I liked that these would give me a bit of height (I’m only 5’3), but what hooked me on this particular pair was the brown leather and black heel. I felt I could get more wear out of them and incorporate these into my wardrobe all year round.

I paired the boots with this multicolored dress from Forever21 and a worn-out jean jacket from American Eagle I bought years ago. A jean jacket is one of my staples, you can really wear them with anything.

I hope this short blog post finds you well and you all are taking time for yourselves during this hectic time. Stay safe and healthy my friends!

3 thoughts on “Masks & Doc Martens

  1. You clearly have a knack for all things fashion. Your photos are so beautiful and colorful. Looking forward to more posts.

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