A Very Curious Bridal Shower

I had the absolute best bridal shower and I wanted to share some photos from the day with you all. I love a good theme, so obviously I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to be a little extra when it came time to celebrate with all the special women in my life.

My fiance proposed on a surprise trip to Disney World, so I wanted to incorporate elements from that magical experience into the day. I decided on an “Alice in Wonderland” theme and my sweet bridal party did not disappoint. With the help of my mother and future mother-in-laws, they put together the most wonderful experience. I truly felt like Alice right after she stepped through the looking glass.

A treats table was set up with the most beautiful handmade desserts. My future mother-in-law baked Alice themed cookies and DIY’d the coolest mad hatter centerpiece for the table. My bonus mother-in-law (Nick’s stepmom) made a cake and we had whiskey honey tea to go along with the snacks.

For favors, we tagged and set out individual teacups for each guest. My bridesmaid Jess thrifted most of them and they really made the whole day special and tied the theme together! Like I mentioned, most of the teacups were thrifted but you can also purchase packs of matching cups and saucers on amazon, although you’ll pay a little more for those.

Teacup Sets – Amazon

Maid of Honor and game master, Abigail

My Maid of Honor was tasked with putting together a few games to play during the party. We played “that’s what he said” and made toilet paper wedding dresses that were judged, with the winner receiving a small prize. I don’t think games are necessary for every bridal party, but they really loosen everyone up and get guests laughing and communicating together. We also played a lingerie game that was such a blast. When my bridesmaid Jess sent out the invites, she included a card instructing guests to bring an unwrapped, untagged lingerie or panty set. They were placed in a box and then given to me to guess who brought what set! It was so fun and also set me up for my honeymoon.

The Dress

I didn’t want to wear a typical white dress for the shower. One, I wanted it to reflect the theme and I also wanted to potentially be able to wear the dress again. There’s really only so many places you can wear a bright white dress so I went on the hunt for a wonderland inspired look. I found the coolest fringe floral dress at ASOS and fell in love instantly. I was a little nervous as I’ve never worn anything quite like it but so glad I went for it!

I ended up doing a little adjusting myself and cut off a fringe sleeve from the right strap of the dress and it was perfect! It was different but still felt bridal with the white floral patches.

If you want to wear white to every single wedding event you’ve got planned – go for it girl! But if you’re thinking of wearing something not so traditional, go right on ahead. I felt super confident and most like myself that day. Your wedding is about you and the partner you’ve chosen to spend forever with, so try not to feel too pressured to do something or wear something because “it’s just what everyone does.” It sounds cheesy, but stay true to you and you’ll have the best experience!

The Shower Party

I truly had the most amazing day with family and friends. I hope this post gives you some inspiration if you’re planning a bridal shower or any type of party. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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